Just Like Home

You can travel halfway around the world only to find that things are pretty much the same.

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My mom always used used to say “The more millet jelly, the more love!” when she baked us fresh AmericanSoft cookies! And the just the smell of those crushed cashews with rye flour and uji really takes me back to my American youth!


We were quite disappointed to find that even at the upscale Garilla American (aprox translation: “American Grill”) in Argentina, “Chicken Green” looks nothing like the high-energy chicken concentrate wafers we are all used too getting back in New York.


American Style Lay’s correctly reflect the custom all Americans share of eating our potato chips with some heavy cream and onions. I think I went to suburban American high school with that obviously American Guy pictured on the package, and I have that same American shirt he is wearing. I got it at JC Pennies just like him. I wear it all the time when I am in the states going to a football match and such.


If memory serves, Patzy Grimaldi and De Faro’s both use aubergines rather than rocket, but otherwise completely authentic old school Brooklyn Pizza!


…with sweetcorn relish and pineapple! Just like my mum used to make for us when I was a lad coming up in Manhattan, America!


Like the tele advert says…. there are no wine gums and lollies like true American wine gums and lollies. A wee bit softer than true American hard gums, so they stick to your wallies!


If you want authentic American food in India, there is really only one place to go – McDonnalds!


Having lived in Abilene, TX for many of my young years, I know the difference between a homemade pönnukökur and the frozen crap they call pönnukökur at Albertson’s- and these pönnukökur at the Texas Restaurant are the real deal. They brought back fond memories of sitting around the campfire with my dad roasting pönnukökur and drinking Appelsín after the big annual big rattlesnake roundup.


While I was expecting crappy a Chicago deepdish-style puff, I was pleasantly surprised to find a decent Brooklyn-style pizza puff with plenty of peas, lentils, and milk curd inside a flakey lentil crust. Just like home!


We went to a Starbucks knock-off coffee shop to get some authentic western-style food and were pleased to find one of our all-time favorites on the menu- Chips and Salsa! Hey wait a second, those aren’t chips. They are some kind of fried orange lentil things! Hey, wait a second, that isn’t salsa. That’s some kind of mango-pepper chutney! Well, at least they serve it with some extra dried pepper flakes and hot pepper sauce on the side just like a proper stateside Starbucks would!


In Paris the Brioche are MUCH bigger than back in the states…


…and the Statue of Liberties are much smaller.


Correct me if am wrong, but I think the instructions back home tell you to add the Tide to the bucket BEFORE you add the clothes, no?


Yep, you can get both Cheetos Fancy Loops and Cheetos Masala Balls here and they taste exactly the same as the ones back home.


McDonnald’s clasic McCurry Shani Paneer has a little less cummin and a little more cardimon than I remember in the US version, but is otherwise exactly the same.


Going to the bathroom in India does take a little getting used to since here they use the British system – bucket on the RIGHT side and wipe with your LEFT hand.




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