diy ac

Somer photos of my DIY air conditioner from MakerFaire NYC 2018. It worked pretty well considering!

2018-09-23 16.33.50.jpg

It makes cold! Obviously all the liquid is evaporating on the first (bottom) tier of the evap coil… but still pretty impressive for junk! :)

2018-09-22 18.10.59.jpg

The important parts.

2018-06-08 06.33.54.jpg

The condenser is rejecting heat nicely!

2018-09-23 15.00.50.jpg

Getting kids excited about cool (pun) tech!

2018-09-23 14.48.40.jpg

Some very nice people from Fujitsu (!) impressed by my refrigerant phase change demo!

2018-09-22 16.33.19.jpg

Showing off unexpected things a DIYer can use as refrigerants, compressors, valves, and gauges.

Video here..

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