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Breaking News! Google AdWords Exploit Seen in the Wild! Yikes!

Today, my aunt Sue did a google search for “ebay” and got this…


See the ad for ebay at the top of the results? Not particularly interesting, right? The google provided link text says ebay, and overing over the link shows ebay. But a careful look at the source shows this…


The person who bought that ad cleverly injected a link to very NOT ebay. The link is to here (posted as image so you can’t accidentally click it)…


Yikes! Yikes! There is no way you could tell that link was not going to ebay without clicking it, and in fact the link text says “” which is supposed to be checked against the actual target link by adwords. Yikes!

When you click on the link, you end up here…

SNAG-0031.jpgQuadruple yikes!

Normally when I get a call like this, I assume that the person calling did something wrong like installing software or clicking on a wrong link.

In this case my Aunt Sue didn’t do anything wrong – google did!

Worse, the person who paid for this ad specifically targeted old people!!!!


…and seems to be from ebay!

Google: you really need to fix this! Make sure that link text matches the link target, and also give me a button to check who paid for an ad!








Idea Dump 2018

As each year passes and my to-do lists get longer, I have to accept that I will die long before I will get to make and do everything I want to.

Here are some things that I probably will never get to, but maybe you will? Don’t let the crackpot-stream-of-consciousness-style throw you, I believe most of these ideas could actually be successful and profitable… with some work.

Let me know if you are truly interested and I will try to share any effort I’ve already invested to give you a head start….


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A different kind of Initial Coin Offering


I have 2,500 in shinny new $1 coins that I need to get rid of. I want to give them to you… if you can come up with some way to creatively use them.

You have until midnight December 31st to tell me your idea. The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day. If you win, you will have 30 days to come pick up the cash in NYC.

Some facts about the coins:

  • 100 rolls of $25 each
  • Weigh almost 50 pounds
  • Stacked like flapjacks would make a tower more than 16 feet tall
  • Laid edge-to-edge would stretch father than a city block

I am looking for a project that:

  • uses the coins as coins rather than money
  • can be completed quickly and decisively
  • is a concrete plan of action rather than an abstract concept
  • will make people say “That is amazing”.

I’ve intentionally avoided adding rules to encourage wild and unexpected creativity.  I’m looking forward to see what you come up with!

Tweet your entry to @ico_irl

Website is at

Pass this on to anyone you know who might have been waiting for an opportunity like this to do something amazing!