trumpWap – Make the web great again

Remember when almost every image on the internet was trump?

With trumpWAP, we can make the web great again. This is huge.


Plug in the trumpWap and on day-1 you’ll get between 20% and 90% more trump (depending on your browsing habits). It’s that simple.


Continue reading for more examples of trumped up websites & apps, a perfunctory video demonstration, and info on getting your own trumpWAP!

Perfunctory video

What trumpWAP can do for you

trumpWAP can make great websites even better…

2016-07-04 01.10.03  2016-07-04 00.53.35

2016-07-04 00.50.40  2016-07-04 01.02.56

…and can take the edge off the liberal news media…

usatoday IMG_5367

newsweek newyorker

(click to zoom)

How to get your trumpWAP

I could patent trumpWAP and make a million bucks selling them, but I’ve decided to make trumpWAP free because that’s what I am about people. I’m actually a good guy.

You can make your own trumpWAP for about $50 and 20 minutes of effort.  Full instructions are here…


Q: I’m not up for actually making anything, but I do want me some more trump.
A: I’ll Kickstart this if there is enough interest, otherwise I am selling assembled trumpWAPs for $1200 each. All trumpWAP housings are American made on a Brooklyn-designed 3D printer. Email me with how many you want.

Q: Does trumpWAP make more trump on all websites?
A: No. Some websites like NYPOST.COM and CNBC.COM can not be trumped up any further.

Q: How can I get back more Kim Kardashian?
A: I’m working on it.

Q: Does this really work?
A: Nobody believes me. This really works, people.

Q: No, seriously, how can a device inject trump into webpages and apps like that?
A: trumpWAP is a Raspberry Pi configured to run HOSTAP to create an open Wifi access point. When devices connect, trumpWAP uses an ip-tables filter to redirect all port 80 traffic to a local squid3 proxy server, which uses a custom url_rewrite function to look for image requests to hijack (it also deals with the Android proxy canary). When a suitable request is identified, trumpWAP fetches the original image and creates a trump image that matches the original image’s dimensions.  The proxy then redirects the original image request to a local apache2 server that serves the scaled trump image to the end user’s browser. No magic, it is all here.


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