This is a bank! Yikes!

Read on for details!

I first set up an account with on 2/14/2014. I’ve always wanted to make a banking/credit card that finally gets the user experience right so I was very excited to see someone was finally doing it.

Sadly, even though they were starting from scratch they didn’t really make any revolutionary changes. It was mostly just slick marketing. I never used my account for much.

And, as of today – they are hacked!

How do I know? Read this…

Does this mean hackers are going to steal all your money if you use Simple? I don’t know. This only means that somehow spammers got an email address that I have only ever given to Simple. This could indicate a total system breach, or just that they were silly enough to put their email list on a laptop and then that laptop got a virus (both have happened!). Either way, it is an indication that probably they don’t take protecting your information seriously enough.

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