New Year, New Website

Since 1996, I’ve been happily building the website the hard way using HTML and hosting it the hard way on big j isp‘s servers, and it shows.

Fist Hurricane Sandy simultaneously took out all my servers in both NYC and South NJ. Then Microsoft announced that is was canceling their Expression Web HTML editor.

I can take a hint. Today I am finally moving to Everything is now fancy.

You can still find the complete old website as of 12/31/2012 here…

old website

…and all links into the old site should still work.

There is an even older website circa 1999 here…


…which features Pete’s avant-garde Java game ad that amazingly still works, but is too fast now to play.

Hopefully this solution will last me another 15 years, or until I lose !


  1. bptr

    From March 14, 2013: “It happens way TO often.”.

    What is it about the internet that prevents most people from being able to spell the simple word TOO???


    I remember when “” was a basic site that said 1 sentence: “ is better than”
    I’ve had my eye on the domain ever since. -_-
    -Joshua Rincon

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