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Parallel Processing Arduino Style – Make Massive NeoPixel Displays With Nanoscale Concurrent Computing

We’ve already seen that it is possible to drive thousands of WS2812B NeoPixels with a lowly Arduino using careful bit-banging. But what if we could bang out 8 bits at a time rather than sending them single file? Could it be possible to drive 8 times as many strings (or get 8 times the refresh rate) from our Arduino by processing bits in parallel? It would be like having a tiny pipelined GPU render engine inside our Arduino!

Read on to find out the results of a quick proof-of-concept test!….

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What is the best way to mount LED strips on polycarbonate panels?

Polycarbonate panels are cheap, strong, light, durable, and easy to buy. They are perfect for constructing large scale LED strip installations. But what is the best way to secure your LED strips to the panels? I’ve done a lot of testing to find out, and the most reliable method turns out to also be one of the cheapest and easiest…

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Why did Google declare war on HTTP?

Google is waging a war to force websites to only serve content over secure
https connections by demoting the search ranking of websites that continue to use normal http connections. “…we’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure.”

At first take, this seams like a magnanimous move by the internet’s benevolent dictator. Security is a good thing, so by forcing lazy websites to finally go secure we are all better off… right?

Unfortunately, things are not so simple and Google’s motivations are likely not so benevolent…

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